The Month of Financial Recovery and Wellness, part 2: Minimalist Game

July is sneaking up on me!  So now I have to catch up on posts.  In addition to No Spend July, I will spend the month participating in the Minimalism Game from The Minimalists.   Basically, on July 1, I’ll get rid of one item that is cluttering up my life and my house by selling, donating, or trashing it.  On July 2, I’ll get rid of two items, on July 3, three items, and so on.  By July 31, I will have purged 496 things!

Anna from And Then We Saved is doing this challenge now and her household purge inspired me to do this for a month.  Since moving three times in the last two years, I realized that the amount of stuff I own is out of control.  I have done several clothing purges and I still don’t feel like I’m down to a reasonable amount.  I know I tend to shop when I’m lonely or bored, and with Andy working nights I have found myself shopping for the sake of shopping more than a few times in the last year.  The habit looks nothing like it used to–I’m no longer going to TJ Maxx weekly and blowing $300 or buying stacks on stacks on stacks of DVDs at pawn shops–but I still feel way too cluttered.  I have changed the way I shop for clothes and other things, favoring quality and versatility over a “good deal,” while still trying to get a good deal, but there is still So. Much. STUFF.  Look forward to regular updates of the junk that’s leaving my house.  I am looking forward to having my garage back.

For a sneak peak at what kind of shit is cluttering up my house, here is my July 1 item.

Miley, but less naked.

Miley, but less naked.

That damn giant white teddy bear has been residing in our garage for almost a full year since I dressed as Miley Cyrus for Tour de Fat.  It will be gone tomorrow, back to its home at ARC, where hopefully some kid can enjoy it as much as I did and will never know its background.

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