Minimalist Game Update

And The Purge continues.

Not this purge, though…far less murdery and crime-ridden at our house.

July 12

2014-07-25 17.59.422014-07-21 15.58.162014-07-25 18.14.032014-07-25 18.09.43

Sell: vintage vanity chair that I love but have no room for, K2 rollerblades (new with tags–purchased at a pawn shop.  I’m assuming the previous owner and I both thought, “Rollerblading is such a great workout!  I’ll buy these and never use them because it’s no longer 1995), and a running belt thingy because I now have one I like more.

Recycle: special event magazines from my previous like as someone who cared about flower and catering trends.

Get someone to adopt her: Petal, who I love dearly, but I want her to find her forever home.  Check out A Soft Place to Land for more info on Petal and other adoptable rescue dogs in Fort Collins.  And yes, I’m counting her toward the minimalist game because I can plug her and ASPTL, and she decided she needed to be in the picture.

July 13

2014-07-25 18.51.54 2014-07-25 18.15.21

Sell or donate: another Otterbox HTC Evo phone case, a New Belgium shirt, headphones that came with some electronic device, Hello Kitty Chia Pet and seed packet, two tiny dog collars that buckle, three books that help create successful human beings post undergrad, and a running armband and the mp3 player or phone holder that goes with it, and two pairs of underwear with broken and worn out elastic (not pictured for the sake of all of us).

Total number of items purged through July 13: 91!  Not too shabby.

More updates coming soon!  I’ll catch up on posts by the end of the month, I swear.

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