No Spend September

I am actually going to do it this time. I have fought many temptations already and we’re only on day 2. I am also going to post my spending so I have to be accountable when I make a terrible decision.  Here we go:

September 1–Labor Day

First of all, starting this on a holiday was sort of a terrible idea.  We checked out the new brewery, Snowbank Brewing (delicious and great atmosphere).  Andy was nice enough to buy my flight, and we didn’t plan well so we needed food to continue to live.  I spent $16.80 on two entrees from Umami for us.  We NEEDED to eat though or our one beer each would have been enough to send us over the edge so, while not ideal, I’m calling this a necessity.  I also went with the cheapest options available to us.

We then went to a barbecue and I spent $6.48 on chips and dip supplies, along with a Rockstar–$2.00 of this was clearly not necessary.

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