The Final Countdown–Final Minimalist Game Update

To FINALLY wrap up the minimalist game from July, Andy and I took a giant load of purged stuff to Arc.  In a fit of desperation of wanting my garage back, we took a bunch of stuff to Arc, a thrift store in town that provides training, jobs, and resources to people with developmental disabilities and their families.  I had some stuff that was slated for sale, but decided I would rather reclaim the garage and donate a lot of it.  I also get the joy of itemizing on my tax return, so it’ll help out when tax time rolls around.

20140815_133815 20140815_133811 20140815_133807Some highlights: a big box of VHS tapes that our friend sneakily abandoned in our living room before he left for the Peach Corps, my alarm clock from college and grad school that tortured me for many mornings, my old climbing shoes, lots of clothes that did not make the Plato’s Closet or consignment cuts during previous purges, a shoe organizer, a wireless router (sneakily abandoned with the VHS tapes), a rug, a toaster, an old pan, and a Fossil purse and matching wallet that I bought at a garage sale.  There were also many giveaway items from conferences, a giant bag of ribbon scraps, and a couple of DVDs that we have duplicates of.

Not absolutely sure of the final count, but I do know for certain that I eliminated way more items than I planned on.  Sadly, I still have two rooms in the house that I didn’t touch.

I am certainly nowhere near being a “minimalist,” but it felt great to get rid of some of the extra crap that’s accumulated and I’m always shocked when I purge at how much we can get rid of and never miss it.  I am currently reading Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things, and I vow not to die from being crushed to death by a mountain of junk.


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