Update on selling my body to science

I quit the study.  First of all, staying at a Best Western when you are in the town you live in and having a free night at a Hilton are wildly different things so the night started out pretty meh.  The room won points because it had a flat screen TV and a mini fridge, and then lost so many points because they didn’t work and no one was answering the phone at the front desk.

Second of all, I got up at 5:30 am, headed out at 6 am, and never made it to work until 10 am.  I feel like the amount of time it would eat into my day was grossly misrepresented.

The bike ride was great (except for almost being hit in the bike lane by a lady who just wasn’t paying any attention and swerved into my lane 3 feet in front of me.  Then she refused to look at me so I pulled up next to her window and stared at the light) and it got me back on my bike, but all of the health tests and the ride TOOK SO LONG.  Then I had to go back after 5 pm and wasn’t home until after 6 pm.  That part I knew about so I’m not complaining too much.

Also, if you’re going to draw my blood three times in a day, be able to do it from my elbow veins.  First blood draw, no sweat because I said, “You’ll need to draw from my right arm–my left arm is impossible and will leave us both feeling terrible.”  Second blood draw after the bike ride–Oh. Dear. Lord.  My one good vein collapsed because they were drawing an hour after the first draw, which the phlebotomist said wasn’t going to work.  Then the post-doc supervising the health tests wanted her to DRAW FROM MY HAND.  NO THANKS, LADY.  I didn’t sign up to look like a heroin addict with track marks and bruises around everything that could be a vein.  Thankfully, the phlebotomist said she wouldn’t draw from anywhere but crook of the elbow if it wasn’t absolutely medically necessary.  The third blood draw took some digging around in the same sad vein at the end of the day, but she finally got enough blood to fill the tube.

After all of the tests, wearing a backpack that mysteriously gained about 10 lbs for the actual commute day from the day before, and then having the longest day ever after the worst hotel stay, I decided I was too exhausted and it took up too much of my time to be worth the $80 each day.  I took my money for the first day and ran.  If I wasn’t in the middle of conference planning chaos, I probably would have stuck it out, but right now getting quality sleep and maximizing my hours at work are top of the priority list.