Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, so I thought I’d share some worthy causes in Fort Collins.

Rams Against Hunger

Rams Against Hunger is a fund to help provide meals to food-insecure students at Colorado State University.  More than 2800 students at CSU are food-insecure, meaning they aren’t able to afford food or they don’t know where their next meal will come from.  A gift of $130 could feed a student for a month.  Even a small gift of $6.50 will provide an all-you-can-eat (and hopefully slyly take some for later) meal in one of the dining halls.  That is less than a burrito at Chipotle.  You can sacrifice one burrito to help someone who doesn’t even have the option of going to Chipotle.

I’ve mentioned them before, but the Murphy Center for Hope is doing amazing things to help the homeless population in Fort Collins.  From their website (linked above):

Services available at the center include:

  • Employment resources
  • Housing assistance
  • Financial counseling
  • Transportation assistance
  • Job training and educational opportunities
  • Mental health and substance abuse counseling
  • Phone and computer access for employment contacts
  • Medical and dental health assistance
  • Washer/dryer, kitchen, showers, and storage facilities
  • Play areas for children

Your gift helps the Murphy Center provide these resources to help these people get out of the cycle of homelessness.

Animal House Rescue and Grooming is another cause near and dear to my heart because they rescued this weirdo from a high-kill shelter:



He was slated to be put down after being found as a stray when he was nine months old.  Two women from Animal House drove to Kansas to rescue him the day before he was supposed to be put down.  Because he is so cute (until he sticks his tongue in your mouth, which he will), they recognized him at Bark and Bluegrass and told me that story and how much they loved him.  He was clearly well taken care of up and trained up until he ended up in the high-kill shelter, so we aren’t sure what happened, but I’m very grateful to Animal House for saving his life so he could drive me crazy and lick me to death later.  You can donate through their ColoradoGives page.  If you can’t donate, considering fostering so they can rescue more animals.

What are some other great causes in Fort Collins?  Share the love in the comments.

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