Help a dog (dawg?) out!

You may remember Courtney from our adventure up Gray’s Peak.  This is a shameless ask for you to either donate, spread the word, or both.  Her pup, Seeley, is in need of surgery on all four of his legs.  Check out their GoFundMe for more information:


How to be frugal? Win some shiz

First of all, I am on day 6 of not spending anything on non-necessities.  I have a lunch tomorrow with a friend that I scheduled a month ago, but then back on the wagon.

Second of all, you should be reading Feasting Fort Collins.  This blog is the best place for food-related news in Fort Collins.  The author posts restaurant reviews, news about openings and closures, happy hour deals, special events, and anything else you might want to know about the food scene in FoCo.  Also, the Scoop Blog Network (of which Feasting Fort Collins is a part, and is the OG blog) has a contest each year called Celebrate Fort Collins.  AND GUESS WHO JUST WON?!

Part of the deal for winning is that I need to share photos of my adventures enjoying my prize package at all of the awesome businesses in Fort Collins that donated.  So I’ll share my experiences here with all of you too.  Get ready–there are 36 of them.

Basically, it’s easy to be frugal when people give you a bunch of free shiz, but I’ll provide info on great deals and how you can support these local businesses while still living on the cheap(er).

Also, Frugal in FoCo Pro-Tip: Enter internet contests, especially local ones.  You just might win.