Tax Time

It is tax season!  I utilized my Celebrate Fort Collins winnings this week and had Jason Speciner at Long Green Planning prepare my taxes.

Awkward photo courtesy of Jason Speciner

Awkward photo courtesy of Jason Speciner

That is an invoice for $0, and there is literally nothing better than that, except for the GIANT REFUND he got me!

Ok, ok, it’s not that giant, but it was way more than I wanted to be loaning the government interest-free over the course of last year and I will be glad to have it back.  When it hits my account, I plan to put half in my emergency fund, a quarter in my travel/yoga teacher training/tattoo fund (I have a lot of goals for this money), and a quarter toward my credit card (currently at 0% interest so I’m not stressing too much, but I am annoyed that I had a few months of not paying it off completely).

Jason also reviewed my return from last year and found money that I had missed doing my taxes by myself.  Lesson learned: there are reasons why people utilize tax professionals and if anything is even slightly complicated, you’re probably better off having one of them do your taxes for you.  It might be cheaper to do it yourself, but you may not actually be saving yourself any money.

Since I had such a great experience, I highly recommend Jason Speciner, CFP for tax prep (opinions are my own and I’m not receiving compensation).  Also, he is a CSU graduate, has a Shaq jersey on his wall, and evidently has a dog named Cosmo Kramer (according to his website), so there are many reasons why he is awesome.

Since this is a blog on living fabulously on the cheap in FoCo, new tax prep clients get $25 off their first year prep fees (tell him I sent you so we both get the discount).


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