Fort Collins Passport


Enjoying a Jalapeno Cilantro Margarita at The Laboratory last summer

Enjoying a Jalapeno Cilantro Margarita at The Laboratory last summer

Reasons why you need to do this immediately:

A. You get 2-for-1 drinks at 30 different places around Fort Collins.

B. There are other goodies in the passport.  For example, last year’s included a free wheel of MouCo Cheese and a free burrito at Illegal Pete’s.  The Passport folks also do periodic parties for passport holders.

C. It’s good from Memorial Day to Labor Day, aka the greatest time to be in Fort Collins because it’s beautiful and most of the students are gone.

D. It’s on sale for only $15 until May 22, and then only $20 after that.  If you think about what you get for the investment, it’s a screaming deal, especially if you were planning on doing some patio drinking anyway.  You basically get 30 drinks for the cost of 3.

E. It’s like being in a secret society.  When you get your passport out at a brewery or restaurant, everyone else with a passport is like, “Hey! Me too!” and then you can have discussions about your best passport adventures.  You can plan special passport outings with your passport-holding friends and then you can all Instagram your drinks and passports together (see above).

The Passport is also available for other cities, so if you’re in Boulder, Brooklyn, Colorado Springs, Denver, LA, Santa Barbara, DC, or Columbia, MO, you can drink on the cheap in style too.

2 thoughts on “Fort Collins Passport

  1. Andizzle says:

    I bought a Passport last year and loved it. The only problem? I kept MEANING to go to all these places but never did. So here’s a pro-tip: buy one, recruit a friend to join you on all the (mis)adventure, and plan to go to AT LEAST one new place a week.

    • YES. We were playing catch-up towards the end and loaning Andy’s passport out to other friends so we could get as many stamps as possible. I think the only stamps I didn’t get last year were Bisetti’s (because I’ve lived here for 5 years without going and I’m not going to start now for a 2-for-1 drink) and Mainline. I TRIED to go use it at Mainline, but their service is so terrible I left after 30 minutes of our table not being served.

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