A Day of Celebrating Fort Collins



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Thanks to The Scoop Blog Network and Feasting Fort Collins from my Celebrate Fort Collins win, we had a gift certificate for a small cheese board at The Fox and the Crow, located next to Sprouts at Drake and Lemay.  After several weeks of being sick and two days of cleaning the house from top to bottom, we were ready for a break and a couple of beers on a patio.  Neither of us had been to there yet, so we decided to give it a go.

This place is awesome.  The patio is comfortable, the service was excellent, and you can’t beat cheese and beer.  We’ve been looking for a spot to fill the hole in our hearts left by Cranknstein (RIP), and this may be our new haunt.  It’s in Midtown so closer for us than Old Town, the beer was reasonably priced, and there’s cheese (try the mycella if you like blue cheeses).  The cheese and meat boards are a little on the pricey side, but the sandwiches and small plates are pretty standardly priced and you know the quality is going to be impeccable.

Combined with our Fort Collins Passports, we enjoyed a cheese board and two local beers each for a total of $15!

Three of us took this same picture and instagrammed it with the caption "This is happening."   It was unplanned.

Three of us took this same picture and instagrammed it with the caption “This is happening.” It was unplanned.  Notice the classic roller rink carpet.

To continue Celebrating Fort Collins, we got a group together for rollerskating at Rollerland.  We had passes for four people for open skating with skate rentals and two runs in the laser maze.  If you have not rollerskated while an adult, it will show you exactly how old you are.  I am currently suffering from a sore hip flexor, a bruised hip, and sore ankle muscles.  Do you ever think about your ankle muscles?  You will have a couple hours of rollerskating.

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We were surrounded by children so we had to take our own pictures.  I think if you cross your eyes you can probably make it look like one blurry picture with all of us in it.
2015-05-30 21.35.29

We played classic roller rink games like the Dice Game (stop on a number and the die decides your fate) and Stretch (do the splits over some cups that move continually farther apart).  I would just like to publically state on the internet that I lasted the longest out of anyone on legit rollerskates in Stretch before I fell and broke my elderly hip.  It probably had something to do with rollerblades being straight up cheating and me being two feet taller than all the other rollerskaters.

When our aching, sweating bodies needed a break, we took on the Laser Maze.  It turns out that this is damned near impossible.

It looks easy.  It is horrible.

It looks easy. It is horrible.

The Laser Maze involves running into a room filled with lasers and trying to make your way to three buttons while not running into the lasers.  Your friends can mock you from the outside because your failures are streamed on a screen into the lobby.  Evidently you can win candy if you get this done under 25 seconds.  The closest someone in our group got was Tiffany, who clocked an insanely fast 28 seconds.  My personal best time was just over a minute because my butt wanted to touch every laser.  The slowest time in our group was 400 seconds due to penalties from just running straight through.

The determination after this outing is that skate night needs to become a monthly activity and none of us are ever doing the laser maze again.  For a total of $7.50 for admission and skate rental, it is a very low cost way to spend an evening.  We skated for about 3 hours, got a great workout, listened to mostly terrible music, and had a ton of fun.  The only way it could be better is if the Hunt Club was still there serving creepy strip club sushi.*


*That would actually be worse.