Savings on Food, part 2: How to get free food and drinks

I like going out to eat sometimes.Some quick tips for free food and drinks:

  • Sign up for the Human Bean’s V.I.B. Club.  You’ll get a free welcome drink and coupons in your email.
  • Get a Qdoba Rewards card.  For every 10 entrees (or 5 if you take advantage of double points days on Wednesdays), you earn a free entree.  They also frequently send email coupons for BOGO meals or will add free chips and salsa/guac/queso to your card.
  • Tokyo Joe’s has a rewards club too.  They send a monthly newsletter with deals for Addict Club members and you can earn points towards free entrees.  They also give you a free meal on your half-birthday.
  • Other places with rewards: Sonny Lubick’s Steakhouse, Garbanzo, The Rio 
  • Check out giveaways for national “holidays.”  I got free coffee from the Human Bean yesterday for National Coffee Day, and main other chains were doing giveaways as well.  If you hear of some holiday related to food, chances are someone is giving away something for free.
  • Grab coupon books and open your Valpak, or look online for local coupons.  There are lots of BOGO deals or significant discounts for restaurants, even some locally owned ones.  Always Google before you pay!
  • Sign up for birthday deals!  Lots of places do birthday giveaways, like Larkburger, if you sign up for their email list.
  • Use a student ID for discounts/freebies if you are lucky enough to have one.  Same for senior discounts.  If you are old enough to qualify, take advantage of that shiz!
  • Spin every wheel, enter every drawing, and participate in every free contest you can.  I won a free pound of ground fresh ground coffee and a reusable mug the other day by spinning a wheel at a festival.  No commitment by me, but a pretty great payout.
  • Go out with friends and “forget” your wallet.  Just kidding, don’t do that.



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