No Spend September: Finally wrapping this up!

The End of No Spend September is here!  Life got in the way…yoga teacher training, a conference, grant reporting, birthday, holiday, blah blah.  So I’m going to wrap this shiz up.

The final week of No Spend September was a success!  I had two No Spend Days, where I spent nothing at all.  I got some free coffee.  I didn’t do much, but that’s ok.  So here are the big results:

No Spend September Savings Results

  • 10 No Spend Days!!!
  • Fun: A lot
  • Added $550 to my emergency fund that wouldn’t have been there otherwise!  If I hadn’t been paying for teacher training, this would have been about $1000!!!!
  • Avoided taking money from savings to pay for teacher training and was able to pay out of pocket.

Because it made such a huge impact on my savings account and could have been even higher, I am trying it again in the new year.

Expect a future post on the yoga teacher training experience.


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