Minimalist Game Update

And The Purge continues.

Not this purge, though…far less murdery and crime-ridden at our house.

July 12

2014-07-25 17.59.422014-07-21 15.58.162014-07-25 18.14.032014-07-25 18.09.43

Sell: vintage vanity chair that I love but have no room for, K2 rollerblades (new with tags–purchased at a pawn shop.  I’m assuming the previous owner and I both thought, “Rollerblading is such a great workout!  I’ll buy these and never use them because it’s no longer 1995), and a running belt thingy because I now have one I like more.

Recycle: special event magazines from my previous like as someone who cared about flower and catering trends.

Get someone to adopt her: Petal, who I love dearly, but I want her to find her forever home.  Check out A Soft Place to Land for more info on Petal and other adoptable rescue dogs in Fort Collins.  And yes, I’m counting her toward the minimalist game because I can plug her and ASPTL, and she decided she needed to be in the picture.

July 13

2014-07-25 18.51.54 2014-07-25 18.15.21

Sell or donate: another Otterbox HTC Evo phone case, a New Belgium shirt, headphones that came with some electronic device, Hello Kitty Chia Pet and seed packet, two tiny dog collars that buckle, three books that help create successful human beings post undergrad, and a running armband and the mp3 player or phone holder that goes with it, and two pairs of underwear with broken and worn out elastic (not pictured for the sake of all of us).

Total number of items purged through July 13: 91!  Not too shabby.

More updates coming soon!  I’ll catch up on posts by the end of the month, I swear.


Celebrating America by Getting Outside

I celebrated the 4th by getting up early (at 9:00…) for a vinyasa yoga class, focusing on the concept of freedom–freedom from negativity and anything holding us back from being our best selves, which was a fitting meditation for wellness month. I followed it up by lazing around by Amber and Mirela’s pool, eating a boatload of Doritos and hot dogs (it was ‘Merica Day, clearly I needed to eat something processed and horrible), and synthesizing some vitamin D while managing to not get sunburned (it’s a no-melanin miracle!).  While this photo is not actually from the 4th, it sums our day (and us in general) up pretty nicely.


If you don’t already know, we’re hilarious.

Later that day, I found myself in bed at 9:00 pm, with three dogs who were TERRIFIED of fireworks.  I tried to soothe them with some Bon Iver.  It worked fantastically.  It did not work at all.  Why was I in bed so early, torturing myself by trying to sleep with three insane dogs flipping out and barking every time they heard a pop?  Because I woke up at 2:15 am to go hiking.  I might also be insane.

I met up with Courtney in Thornton and we drove up to the Grays Peak trailhead to get started on my first 14er before 6:00 am.  Fun fact: Grays is the highest point on the North American Continental Divide. I got to show off my dirt road driving skills that I procured while growing up in Wyoming because the road was a rutted out mess.  Thankfully, Courtney has a Jeep because I’m not sure my Subaru would have made it.  The mountain air was crisp and cold when we got out of the car, and had that perfect mountain smell that always makes me feel like I’m home.

At the trailhead.   Cold nose, early morning.

At the trailhead.
Cold nose, early morning.

We set out on our 8 mile round trip hike with the intention of trying to do Torreys Peak as well once we summitted Grays. Unfortunately, things were a little slower-going than we planned and we decided to just do Grays. The wildflowers only bloom for about 3 weeks and were in full bloom and absolutely beautiful while we were there and took our minds off the elevation and lack of oxygen.

Wild flowers (Grays on the left)
Stolen from Courtney.

The summit was awesome in the truest sense of the word.

2014-07-05 10.12.38

At the summit!

At the summit!

On the way down, we were surprised on the trail by a family of mountain goats!  I had never seen mountain goats in the wild before and we were lucky enough to see four, including a baby.  Obviously, I took 800 pictures, but I won’t subject you to all of them.

2014-07-05 11.39.54 2014-07-05 11.37.20

Mountain goats

Mountain goats

We were completely famished afterwards and stopped at the Beau Jo’s in Idaho Springs to eat a mountain pie on a mountain. I considered this a necessity because, after the chia seeds, bagel with greek yogurt cream cheese, protein bar, cereal bar, and oat and nut bar, I was still famished.  It was the single greatest pizza of my life and I know a kale salad or something would not have cut it.  I desperately needed carbs!  We did get whole wheat crust and lots of veggies with ricotta cheese, so there are certainly worse pizzas in the world.

When we got home, I slept for 13 hours.

Frugal in FoCo pro tip: We live in one of the best places in the nation (or anywhere) for getting outdoors and there are lots of free places to hike (or bike or climb or paddle…).  While we chose to drive to Grays, there are lots of hikes right outside of Fort Collins that are accessible by bicycle or bus, or even walking.  It’s a great way to get back in touch with nature, unplug for a while, and not spend a dime.

The Month of Financial Recovery and Wellness, part 3: Wellness Month

July is here!  The final part of my Month of Financial Recovery and Wellness is the wellness part.  Julia and I decided that a wellness month is in order to get us back on track so we are doing this together.  What is a “wellness month,” you might ask?  We envision it as a month to be more mindful about what we’re putting into our bodies and how we take care of ourselves for optimal physical and mental health.  Even though we’re doing this together to help keep each other accountable, we’re creating our own parameters since we have different diets and things that work for us.  I already do a lot of these things, but I have found it easy to justify a lot of indulgences lately, and it’s impacted my health.  I’m looking at you, cheese.  Delicious, delicious cheese…  Mmm…cheese…


Now listen here…I’m not a doctor or nutritionist.  My master’s thesis was on factors that predict binge drinking, so you should only listen to me tell you why you’re binge drinking.  I have read a great deal about nutrition and health, and I know what works for me, what I think is garbage, and things I think are awesome that other people think are pseudoscience or, as my dad would say, “hippie-dippie bullshit.”  You do you, let me be me, and don’t sue me if you make yourself sick.  You’re welcome to give me money, though, if you make yourself rich and famous by eating chia seeds or something.

The Ground Rules

  • Cook at home and try to eat primarily whole foods while limiting processed foods.  Whole grains only.
  • Start each day with water, chia seeds, and lemon juice.  I have been doing this for over two years.  Chia seeds can hold around 10x their weight in water and I feel so much more hydrated.  They are also nutritional powerhouses, and have fiber, protein, and omega-3s.  The lemon juice helps flush the junk out of your system (science!) and tastes lemony (wordsmith!).
  • Drink green tea.  Coffee only in morning.  No energy drinks.
  • Eat lots of fruits and veggies.  LOTS.
  • Meat is ok 2-3 times a week.  I’m not a vegetarian, but I eat mostly vegetarian.  I have struggled with anemia from low iron levels, and even when I’m eating all the iron-rich veggies in the world and taking a supplement, my body feels better when I have meat occasionally.  I don’t think it’s healthy to eat meat for every meal, but all things are good in moderation.  Plus, burgers and bacon are the shit.
  • Limit added sugar and sodium.
  • 80 oz of water per day.
  • Seriously limit cheese.  NO WINE AND CHEESE NIGHTS.

night cheese

  • Floss every. damn. day.  This is so hard and I hate it but I love having teeth and not having heart problems.  bleh.
  • Oil pull every day with coconut oil.  I don’t necessarily think this is a cure-all, but it does work wonders for teeth whitening and gum health, when combined with brushing and flossing.
  • Dry bush before each shower.
  • Yoga 5 days a week.
  • Cardio 4+ times a week.
  • Acupuncture once a week.  I go to a community acupuncture place and it’s $20 a treatment.  BARGAIN.
  • Bike as much as possible (hey, No Spend July rule!)
  • Epsom salt bath once a week.  This is so good for helping tired or sore muscles, and you absorb the magnesium through your skin.
  • Daily supplements: vitamin D3, calcium, iron, fish oil, cinnamon, acidophilus
  • Alcohol only twice per week, two drink limit.  Since I live in Fort Collins, let’s be honest, there will be beer drinking, but it has antioxidants, right?  So does wine. Beer and wine are basically vegetables until you get drunk.

The TL,DR version: Don’t eat junk and get off your ass and move.  And then do some weird shit like squish coconut oil between your teeth for 20 minutes a day.

In financial news, I got paid today so I don’t feel so broke.  If I can just figure out how to keep it all in my bank account…

What do you do to stay well?  Is there anything you think I should be doing that I don’t have on the list?