Digit Update: Real, Tangible Savings

Digit update

Holy crap! Digit has saved me over $250 since I’ve joined!  I currently only have about $8 in my Digit account because I’ve been transferring every $50 to my savings, but that is real, tangible savings that I never missed from my checking account and wouldn’t have saved on my own.  Digit is now offering bonuses if you leave your money in their account (they use the interest they earn on users’ money to pay themselves), but I get a better return rate on my savings account.  If you haven’t tried Digit yet, you need to do it.  I never miss the money and it’s a nice surprise to see how much has accumulated when I get the handy account balance texts.  It is also so SO easy to use.  All commands are done via text so you don’t even have to log into the account online.  I only do it when I need a screenshot to post.  Digit is phenomenal.  Do it.


Digit Update

Well, it’s been a while.  I’ve been traveling, working, and entertaining family.  Here’s a quick Digit update while I work on getting my blog life back in some sort of order.

Screenshot 2015-04-08 10.47.48

Digit has saved me 32 bucks so far!  Not too shabby, especially since the amounts are so small I never miss them.  The plan is to transfer it to my savings or car loan probably in October, so we’ll see where I get.  If you want to check out Digit and try it for yourself, check out my first post on it.

An experiment in upping my savings

I just signed up for digit, which is supposed to analyze your spending habits and then automatically move money that you won’t miss into a separate account to help maximize your savings.  It’s FDIC insured and if they screw up and for some reason it causes an overdraft, they will cover all of those expenses.  It is also a completely free service (they take the interest that your digit savings is earning and use it to pay themselves–supposedly interest on savings may be coming soon!)  I love a good excuse to save money, so I’m trying it.  I’ll keep you posted on my savings and how it’s working as I go along.

If you want to play along, click the above link.  I’ll get 5 bucks if you sign up and you’ll get my unending love and save some $$$ you didn’t know you could save.

Here’s what my dashboard currently looks like.  The first transfer should happen in 2-3 days.

Screenshot 2015-02-11 10.27.55

They support 2500 banks/credit unions so there’s a reasonable chance your financial institution will be supported.

Are you in?  What would you use your additional savings for?  I’m considering this an extension of Change Jar and I’ll probably put whatever I save towards a trip or paying off something early.  Let me know what you’d save for in the comments–I need inspiration!