Curb Appeal: Weekend Project

This project is more like a half a day project and part of that is literally watching paint dry.  We wanted to spice up our house and add a little curb appeal.  I have been doing some mystery shopping (hilarious and a tale for another post) and did a shop at the Home Depot paint department.  I ended up with a bunch of paint chips and we decided our plain white front door needed a new look.


Before The Inferno

We hemmed and hawed about whether we should go with a nice mustard yellow, a vibrant red, or a bright orange.  We settled on INFERNO!!!!!11111  It sounds so intense.  It’s really just a nice orange with a red tone.

Behr Inferno Semi-Gloss

We got a semi-gloss in Behr’s mid-range exterior line so that it was a reasonable price and would have solid coverage in minimal coats.  We only had to buy a little can and we still have probably half of it left.  We didn’t need primer because the door was already white and the paint already had primer in it.

Because this was our first paint project since buying our house, we had to invest in plastic floor covering, painters tape, an angled paint brush, rollers, and a paint pan.  Total we spent about $55, but we won’t need to repurchase a lot of this stuff for future projects (at least for a while).  We didn’t go with the high-end stuff so that we could save money, but we also made sure to get quality items that wouldn’t necessitate another trip to Home Depot or trashing a bunch of stuff.

We rolled up the entry rug, put newspaper and plastic down because we were very paranoid about orange paint on the wood floor, taped the edges of the door and hardware, and then went to town.

Andy and The Inferno!

Andy and The Inferno!

We started with the rollers and covered as much as we could.  Then we finished the first coat with the brush.  The second coat we did entirely with the brush because we liked the way the paint went on better with the brush.

A lesson for when you paint your front door: you can’t shut it until it’s mostly dry or you risk either it sticking your door shut or peeling the fresh paint off the edges.  So when your boyfriend immediately says he wants to leave to go do something, be prepared for your argument about why you should both stay to watch the paint dry.

After The Inferno!

After The Inferno!

We really like the way it turned out and it complements the blue of our siding nicely.  For roughly $55 (that cost will go down when we use the supplies for other projects) and a couple of hours, we were able to change the way our house looks from the outside and add major curb appeal.

As a result of this project I have concluded that I need a career change.  I would like to be the person that comes up with paint color names.  For example:

Only slightly related

This color is “Dignity Blue.”  Obviously.


I just had to buy a new washer.

At least my parents and I can joke that after replacing all the major appliances, I won’t have to buy anything for another 15 years.

I have not come to terms with this new washer business yet.  Stand by for the update, when I’m not crying myself to sleep.