Complete and Utter Failure

Day 1 was a complete fail.  Wow.  I am pretty appalled with myself, while simultaneously glad I had a really excellent day.  It all started with gaining the ability to leave work to go watch the USA vs Belgium World Cup game.  All American beers were half-off, and I felt like I needed to buy something to justify sitting there.  That was fine.  It was cheap (5 bucks for 2 IPAs!) and fit within the rules.  Then the social side of me took over.  I was in the mood to hang out, so I skipped yoga and decided to have another beer on the patio with some friends and a certain pseudo-celebrity from Fort Collins.  Double fail.  Then I got an invitation to go see Obvious Child, which I was hellbent on seeing before self-punishment month and never made it.  I laughed, I cried, I spent $15 at the Lyric.  Fail.  But totally worth it and go see it immediately because it was SO GOOD.  Then I went home and ATE ALL THE LEFTOVERS.  ALL of them.  Like 3 meals worth.  FAIL.  Woke up with a very deserved stomach ache this morning.  So, I’m taking a mulligan and recommitting today and ending after August 1.  Let’s pretend yesterday never happened and I will use this as a learning opportunity.  Fact: if you fail so hard on day 1, you will feel like an idiot and have to blog about it.  SO DON’T FAIL ANYMORE.

Update:  I did succeed up until about 3:30 pm in eating very healthy and following my rules for wellness and frugality.  I rode my bike to work, I made healthy eating choices, I drank all my weird health drinks.  So only half the day was a complete and utter failure.  I am also noticing that pedaling my bike on the hardest gear is becoming remarkably easy.

Frugal in FoCo pro tips  

Look for the best drink specials during sporting events when deciding where to watch. Fort Collins is home to some incredible craft breweries, and bars will often offer great deals on craft beers during special events.  I recommend following your favorite local watering holes on Facebook to keep up with specials.

The Lyric Cinema Cafe is a gem that I’m more willing to spend money on than regular movie theatres.  They show indie films and sell excellent food, beer, and wine, so it feels more special than a regular outing to the movies.  If you can’t live without popcorn, they have the best ever.  EVER.  If you want to lessen the costs of your movie-going experiences, check-in for specials on Foursquare, buy a membership, go to a matinee, or use a student ID (especially on Tuesdays).

If you prefer to see blockbusters, there are two awesome ways to go for cheap in FoCo.  Cinema Saver Six shows second-run movies for dirt cheap.  You might have to wait a little longer to see it, but you’re basically getting the theatre experience for almost the price of a rental.  The other option is Carmike 10.  It’s located near the MAX line, so no need to drive if you don’t want to.  They do Stimulus Tuesdays where all movie tickets are $5.50, and they have concessions specials.  Every day from 4:00-5:30 pm they have “Super Bargain” tickets for $5.75.  They also offer a rewards program.  Andy and I have gotten free movie tickets by racking up rewards on Stimulus Tuesdays or during the Super Bargain times to get the most bang for our buck.